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The gallery above this text are some of the pictures of 113 N Shelby Street when we signed the lease in March of 2018. The shopspace had been mostly untouched from some light renovations done sometime in the 1990’s. 

With a small budget and a short deadline we set out to clean and paint and get ready for shop opening!

When the “Great Pause” of 2020 set it and everyone was shut up in their houses we along with some good friends set out on a 4 week renovation project. We had a goal of restoring the shop to as close to the original design as we could. Many of the problems we had over the first two years were caused by changes made to the building over the last 100 years. As we removed some of the “updates” we found many issues going away. The first and biggest issue was the wall in the middle of the shop that divided the front from the back. Best we could tell it was added sometime in the 1990’s. This caused major heating and cooling issues for the whole building. 

The bigger project we undertook was in trying to remove the abomination that was covering up the original 1o0 year old hard wood (oak) floors. From the boards up we encountered paint, glue, linoleum, glue, linoleum, glue, linoleum, glue, and carpet. 

Underneath that mountain of plastic and adhesive we discovered some beautiful red wood floors. 

After what felt like an age of removing old layers from the original floor and unfortuanetly having to replace the floor boards in the back 10 feet of the shop we were ready to begin staining and sealing. As beautiful as the red oak was on it’s own we decided on a dark walnut stain. 

We finished up the floor project with many layers of polyurethane floor sealer! During renovations all of the businesses in our area either shut down (out of business) or remodeled. 

During our remodel we came across a restuarant not too far away that was remodeling and getting rid of some of its booths. This was EXACTLY what we’d been looking for to offer more gaming space and group seating in our roughly 1300 square feet of space.