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We have just moved back to South Carolina after finishing a 4 year stint of working with an international evangelistic ministry where for the last 2 years we lived full time in south-western Missouri. Let me start by saying “Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina (any time of day, much less morning)!

My name is Thomas Dover, my wife Vanessa and our 2 daughters are excited to be back in our home-state surrounded by all of our family and friends in the region. We are even more excited about the business venture we are setting out on this year.

Our plan: Launch WiseFire Cafe

WiseFire is a coffeeshop, espresso bar, snack bar, and used bookstore rolled into a social lounge. We are aiming to become Blacksburg, South Carolina’s public Living Room; the place to hang out, meet with friends, learn new things, and drink high quality beverages that help fuel a revival of the town as well as a renewal of friendly community relations.

I grew up in the Mt. Paran area of Blacksburg where I lived till I was 11. Blacksburg schools, churches, and creeks were the place of my childhood. As a pre-teen my family moved to Pickens, SC and through the years i’ve come to know the pros and cons of big city life as well as small town charm. The world is a lot bigger than most of us think, but no matter how big the world is so long as you have a home to return to no adventure is too much. I’m glad to call Blacksburg the home of my childhood and I much look forward to calling it home once again.

As the American economy is experiencing the first major upturn in my generation’s adult life there’s no time like the present to start regenerating local business and revitalizing social life downtown. The great minds that helped to forge this nation at it’s founding met in pubs and bars to discuss the ideas of liberty and to pound out what would become our American legal system. In the local revitalization process we want to be a place that people in Blacksburg can meet to discuss real issues and broker real solutions as well as building and maintaining good relations with all our neighbors and friends. Greatness is always in the people, people just need a place to gather!

We’ve found a wonderful shop located right in Downtown Blacksburg in the N. Shelby St block. This is where we hope to light a WiseFire that becomes a beacon of growth and hope for a community that has had to drive to neighboring towns for entertainment and leisure.

As of right now we are hoping to have our grand opening on Saturday, March 17th (St. Patricks Day)! But in order to meet that goal we still have a lot of barriers to cross. Licenses, Deposits, Utilities, as well as all the equipment needed to prepare and serve great drinks.

The last 5+ years of working in the christian ministry industry has left us spiritually rich but financially taxed. In order to be able to go and do all the great things we did across this country and several times in Africa cost us a great deal in the area of personal finances. Regardless we know that this Cafe is what we are supposed to be doing and we know that now is the time to do it!

So we are asking for help from our friends, relatives, and neighbors! We currently have a fundraiser going through the gofundme platform to help us raise the final amount that we need to help get us in the building and conducting great service to so wonderful a community!

For us this cafe is not just a local business that will help drive growth in the local economy and more directly help families in our area, it’s also a community revitalization project. While it’s wonderful that folks want to Make America Great Again, we very strongly want to see Blacksburg ‘Iron City Strong’ Again! More than businesspeople we are first and foremost Christians whose desire is to love our neighbor and see them well off.

Help us to make this dream a reality. Help us to complete our Startup Fundraiser. Help us Caffein-ate, Educate, and Motivate the Town of Blacksburg!